.:: Douglas Ott (guitars) ::.

Full name: Douglas Allan Ott

Place of birth: Oakland, California

Instruments played: Guitar, Keys, Bass & some Drums

Musical influences: Rush, Marillion, Jellyfish, Todd Rundgren, Journey, Saga, U2, Third Eye Blind, Yes, Queensryche, UK, Etc.

First record bought: Peter Frampton - Frampton

5 favorite albums of all time: Eddie Jobson, Zinc - The Green Album, The Greys - Ro Sham Bo, Jellyfish - Spilt Milk, Marillion - Brave, Utopia - RA

Full discography: Enchant: A Blueprint of the World, Wounded, Time Lost, Break, Juggling 9 or Dropping 10, Blink of an Eye, Tug of War, Live at Last. Xen: 10,000 Dharma Doors. Kim Krenik: The Mighty and the Iris. Yes tribute: Tales from Yesterday. Genesis tribute: Supper's Ready. Pink Floyd tribute: The Moon Revisited. Chapter: Open the Book

Interesting facts: I'm a Virgo and I have their traits to prove it! I'm a huge San Francisco Giants fan. I play in a cover band in the Bay Area. I've recently become single again after about 10 years and I'm kind of starting my life over again.

Hobbies: Music, Video Games, Surfing the Web & Drinking.

Favorite Enchant song and why: I'd have to say Comatose, at the moment anyway. I really love the feel of this song. Lyrically it tells the tale of someone drowning them self to escape from what someone else wants them to do. I was there for quite a long time so it hits a nerve every time I hear or play it. I get real emotional playing the solo as well. I think it comes across when you listen to it.

E-mail: doug@theoasis.cc