.:: Ed Platt (bass) ::.

Full name: Edward James Platt

Place of birth: Los Angeles, California

Instruments played: Bass, Bass Pedals, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Drums

Musical influences: Rush, Yes, Marillion, Kansas, Queen, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Stanley Clarke, The Dregs, Toto, Todd Rundgren, Level 42, Nik Kershaw on and on........

First record bought: Kiss - Destroyer ( because of the cover! ), Queen - News of the World ( because of the music )

5 favorite albums of all time: Yes - 90125, Rush - Moving Pictures, Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Todd Rundgren - Nearly Human, Nik Kershaw - 15minutes.

Full discography: Enchant: Blueprint of the World, Wounded, Time Lost, Juggling 9 or Dropping 10, Blink of and Eye, Tug of War, Live at Last. The Moon Revisited (Pink Floyd Tribute), Supper's Ready (Genesis Tribute) and Tales from Yesterday (Yes Tribute).

Interesting facts: Gemini, 6'1/2, 210 lbs, born 5/21/64 at 4:36 AM. I have a son Darren who is 8 years old. I have one younger brother Steve. I was named after my Grandfather on my Fathers side and I am Swedish, French, Irish and Native Indian. I spend as much time as possible outdoors especially in the water and in the sun. I love animals especially dogs, and wolves.

Hobbies: Travel, Hiking, Exploring, Running, Swimming, Fitness, Most Sports, Baseball, Softball, Coaching my son's Team, Art, Videography.

Favorite Enchant song and why: "What to Say". Just pure emotion, amazing music and especially lyrics, Ted's voice sounds incredible. This song knocked me off my feet when I heard it! It is very deep! And the subject matter is beyond real!

E-mail: ed@theoasis.cc