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Report by Eclipsed

Enchant was founded in San Francisco in 1988 by drummer Paul Craddick and guitarist Doug Ott. After a couple of demo releases they published their debut "A Blueprint of the World" in 1993, on which they enjoyed support by Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery, who produced some of the songs and also appeared as a guest musician.

Enchant delivered a milestone of prog rock and received excellent international reviews. Even at their first European gigs in 1994 they surprised the audience. After their brilliant debut the expectations were of course very high. Enchant were able to meet those expectations and delivered another great album, "Wounded". As a support act for bands like Dream Theater, Threshold and Spock's Beard the band had the chance to win over new fans, and so they did. The compilation "Time Lost", which included outtakes from the band's previous two albums, was another outstanding piece of music (especially "Blind Sided") and made the wait for the next studio album all worthwhile. Like for so many bands, the line-up kept changing, and so Ed Platt and Michael Geimer left the band. However, Geimer wasn't able to be gone for long, so he returned soon, even though the writing sessions for Enchant's follow-up "Break" were almost finished. That's why keyboards didn't play a major role on that album. The band's musical style had changed. "Break" showed a slight touch of "Alternative Rock" and presented Enchant as a much "straighter" band.

The new direction was continued on "Juggling 9 or Dropping 10", the band's fifth album. However, despite of a couple of beautiful songs, the real powerful ones were missing. Enchant's line-up changed again. Ed Platt rejoined, and Michael Geimer left again; in addition to that, there were rumours about co-founder Paul Craddick leaving the band, so that he could focus on his own projects. Luckily the band could find a new drummer soon, namely Sean Flanegan (ex Chaos Theory), who obviously knows how to play his instrument well. So we all will look forward to Enchant's coming European tour, the first one in four years.

Sven Schmidt