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Review of "Blink Of An Eye" by Amazon.de

Progressive Metal Fans may rejoice: For the next evenings under your headphones there is some new, high-class material: After their last album, which was "only" good, quite a few had already lost their faith in Enchant, but the Californians have learned from their mistakes. With "Blink of an Eye" they are presenting a killer record, which can easily live up to their earlier albums "A Blueprint Of The World" and "Wounded". The songs are much more coherent, chunky and above all more atmospherical than the ones on their previous album, without the prog-factor suffering from that. The Americans have made the impossible possible: they have increased both the melody level as well as the level of playfulness. While singer Ted Leonard creates some of his best vocal lines, guitarist Doug A. Ott elates us with some great solos. Hardly ever has one heard such amazingly inspired guitar licks that fitted into the songs so perfectly. Last but not least it is due to the six-string that "Blink of an Eye" sounds like one complete piece. Great record!

Michael Rensen (journalist and reviewer for RockHard Magazine)

Translated from German by Guido Bischoff