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Review of "Blink Of An Eye" by Digital Metal

Here they are again. Does an Enchant review belong amongst reviews of Cradle Of Filth, Jag Panzer, and Alabama Thunderpussy? Probably not, but Iím going to put it here anyway. Enchant is a band that cannot be denied. The talent and songwriting of this band is stunning. Their combination of melody, mood and technical excellence is unlike any other. They're dark, yet hopeful. Subtle, yet brimming with virtuosity. Soothing, while still conjuring moods heavier than some metal bands. "Blink Of An Eye" sports all of the elements that have caused Enchant's industry buzz for several years now while bringing in a few surprises that do nothing but add to their arsenal. One of the most noticeable changes is the subtle upping of the guitar crunch. This newest offering boasts some of Ott's heaviest riff work to date. Not that Meshuggah is in any danger, mind you, but the guitars are certainly more present. There is simply not a bad song on this album. Opening track "Under Fire" is classic Enchant. It's melodic, provocative, emotional and extremely catchy. Vocalist Ted Leonard is very convincing in his delivery here, and on every record I have heard him on. His smooth, high-end vocals lend themselves perfectly to Doug Ott's moving, heart-wrenching musical weavings. These two guys are the perfect combo. Together they create the Enchant sound. "Flat Line" starts out with some great staccato shredding on the intro before delving into another passionate melody from Leonard. The chorus here is one of the record's strongest with its deep hook and smooth backing vocals. "Despicable" begins with a Police-like jumping rhythm before cascading into an airy vocal melody on the verse. Another great chorus makes its way into your heart with this one. One of Enchant's many strengths has been their lyrics, and "Blink Of An Eye" is no exception. The aforementioned "Under Fire" speaks of one man's personal guilt and scars of war. "All's fair in war they say, but later as I try to sleep I just can't help but replay - in the blink of an eye, I took someone's life..." "Monday" is an ode to those who sacrifice their dreams for "real life". "I donít want to be one more calf who's suckling the Cash Cow - dressed like a corporate freak, begging the clock to give me the chance to be me - when dreams die you can chalk it all up to a Monday - and all that used to define you serves only just to remind you of the man you'll never be..." To put it as simply as possible, I love this band and "Blink Of An Eye" is a marvelous record. The world of prog rock/metal is a better place simply by having Enchant as a part of it.

Shawn Pelata