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Review of "Blink Of An Eye" by Metal Eagle

Enchant are, by definition, a progressive rock/metal band and as such their latest album is the natural evolution of their previous work, "Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10". One cannot but notice the basic structure of their songs which remains the same, following the progressive patterns, wrapped up with new melodies and sounds. The use of effects and distorting sound effects is essential to produce the progressive mix of their sound but never exaggerating. Acoustic guitars are present where needed, like ballad-like songs - a fine example is "Follow The Sun". The overall tempo of the album is somewhat slower than their previous works and is somewhere near mid-tempo with a slow-tempo direction, with none but a couple of exceptions where the attitude points to the fast side. The interesting thing though is that every instrument, vocals included, seems to have its own defining place in the music, meaning that after some times listening to the album one remembers not only specific melodies but also drum parts and bass or vocal lines. It must have become cliche by now but I'll just have to repeat it once more because that is the case. "Anybody interested in quality, melodic music should listen to this one".

Kyriakos Nathanael