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Review of "Blink Of An Eye" by Dutch Progressive Rock Page

Sometimes you wonder if an album is prog rock or not. With Enchant there is no point in asking this question. As a matter of fact, the powerful Rush-like music with many breaks, change of measures and driving rhythm sections could be considered archetypical prog rock.

The album immediately bursts into Under Fire, with its sharp lyrics, where the music enhances your adrenaline level instantly. With some well-timed solos this track sets the tone for the album. Monday for instance, though a bit more mellow, continues the style and feeling of this opening track. In many respects this track, as well as some others, reminded me a lot of the latest Ritual album Superb Birth as well. The band plays even tighter than on Juggling 9 or dropping 10, which I also found quite impressive. The production and mix is fortunately somewhat better than on Juggling, even though in some sections the distortions of the guitar seems to influence the vocal line as well.

These vocals are of a "love or hate" type. Personally I quite like them. Keyboards and even lead guitar are mostly purely used to support the overall band sound. Not a lot of room for showing off on the solo front on this vocal melody and rhythm-driven album, except for the middle and ending section of My Everafter, where keyboard and guitar get a chance to hold a duel in "who can play fastest".

Of course, there are also some weaker moments. Flat Line is not such a strong composition and drags on for too long. Fortunately such minor flaws are quickly compensated for by for instance a Spock's Beard-like track like Follow The Sun, a brilliant prog ballad, or the Marillion-like Ultimate Gift.

It took me a while to review this album. In the meantime I played it a lot on my way to work and at home and took it with me on trips to South Africa and Venezuela. So the music is really under my skin now and I know already that it will end up in my top of 2002 albums.

Conclusion: 8,5 out of 10.
Remco Schoenmakers