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Review of "Blink Of An Eye" by Progressive World

It's as if Enchant became a musical force to be reckoned with in a "Blink Of An Eye". On the contrary, the have paid some dues and they already had a few releases behind them before they put it all together to reach the dizzying heights of this recording. They don't like to be tagged as any one type of band. I just can't help calling them progressive though, although their sound is clearly beyond one genre. They play with razor sharp precision jumping back and forth and all around using different styles and influences as a springboard to launch their ear-crunching sound. To be more specific, they are metal-prog with influences of rock, progressive rock, and smatterings of pop here and there. They even have been called neo-prog and the like. What the hell is neo? I think that's just a cop out and not committing to giving a band their due. The lead singer Ted Leonard sounds like a carbon copy of Steve Walsh at the height of his powers as the vocalist for Kansas. So with all of that information you should be able to come up with a picture of what they sound like rather quickly right? Not necessarily. You have to hear this to develop your own opinion.

I loved their sound and their attitude without exception. They are all at once hard biting, driving, beautiful, and complex. For me that spells P R O G R E S S I V E. It's not progressive as all of you advanced listeners out there understand it to be; this is not like Dream Theater or Yes for instance. I have to be fair, and I also agree with the group. Let's just say that they are flexible and able to mix up their sound very well all the while maintaining their cutting edge hard progressive leanings.

The first track "Under Fire" really sets things ablaze in a heartbeat, and from that point on there is no taking the finger off of the rock'n'roll trigger. They never run out of ammunition, in fact, this band is like a machine gun with a perpetual round, it never stops. Other standout tracks are "Seeds Of Hate", "My Everafter", and the awesome curtain closer "Prognosis." I have to say even though I feel those tracks are exceptional, the entire CD is dazzling. This is a consistent effort all they way through without any flaws or let downs. I think every track offers a variety of listeners a chance to warm up to their sound. For hard rockers, pop lovers, and the straight ahead no bullshit prog-rockers, there is something to latch onto and take to the next level. And it all fits into their varied circle of influences.

You have to have progressive ears to really appreciate this kind of music. If you're a stick in the mud or go muddling through life with one eye open, then this is not for you. The bottom line here is you have to ask yourself the question - Do you like to rock? If you do you will love this. This kind of music has boundless energy, it's always exciting, and it makes you feel so alive. For me that is what I live for, I want the music to move me like that. Enchant did it for me, so much that I had to hear it all over again shortly after I heard it the first time. I really have to enjoy something to listen again right away. And inevitably I heard some more the second time around that I didn't catch on the first ride. Check it out; you will understand everything I am talking about in no time. Enchant has arrived.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck