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Review of "Blink Of An Eye" by Eclipsed

For the last few months and years Enchant fans have had to have a lot of patience and steady nerves. Break-up rumours were often in circulation and then founding member and drummer Paul Craddick, whose conspicuous and outstanding playing had had a crucial influence on Enchant's music, left the band. The new album "Blink of an Eye", however, proves that the band has coped with his departure very well. New drummer Sean Flanegan (ex Chaos Theory) fits well into the soundscape and his tasteful playing is convincing. Musically, the direction is continued that was started with "Break" and further developed on "Juggling 9...". Melodic prog with an alternative rock element, that at times is more pronounced, as for example in the driving "Seeds of Hate" or in the absolute album highlight "Under Fire". This song particularly proves that Enchant have lost none of their power. Heavier, driving passages are masterfully linked to quieter and more imaginative moments to produce the unique Enchant sound that has brought them so much positive reaction over the years. Singer Ted Leonard presents himself in irresistible form. This album's melody lines are as varied as they were in the blissful "Blueprint..." days. A few listenigs are certainly necessary, though, to let the individual songs have their effect. Guitarist Douglas Ott has packed some of the best riffs in the band's history on this album (in the 7 1/2 minute bonus track, the aptly titled "Prognosis") and thus it seems to confirm that Enchant can't manage to produce an average or bad album... that's fine!

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Translated from German by Mike Barber