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Review of "Blink Of An Eye" by RockHard

At last! They've done it! Just as Boris pointed out in his 10 point review in the last issue of the re-release of the band's debut "A Blueprint Of The World", the US prog rockers have unfortunately never quite managed to reach their own very high standards set by their own classic, despite several first rate releases. With "Blink Of An Eye" this has now been superbly achieved. The waiting was worth it, and the result is - along with the outstanding Rush comeback - the best CD of the year so far. What's the reason for this? Somehow Enchant have managed for the first time to gather all of their technical virtues and pack them into rousing compositions, which at times revive the musical spirit of clssics from Psychotic Waltz or Fates Warning. Especially the subtly produced licks and solos from guitarist Doug Ott that constantly swing between dreamy and restrained aggression, could cause goose-pimples and bring tears of joy to the eyes of die-hard fans of the above bands. I'll just refer you to the brilliant opening 3 tracks, from which at least "Monday" will soon enjoy classic status. Singer Ted Leonard sounds more than ever like Steve Walsh's little brother and delivers his most convincing performance up to now, although to be fair one must shower the whole band with praise.

At the latest, after over an hour, when the fantastic instrumental "Prognosis" sets the magnificent finale to this silver treasure, it should be clear to everyone what's what: this musical gift of God of the variety Fates Warning meets Rush meets Dream Theater meets Marillion meets Psychotic Watltz meets Kansas, belongs in every damn CD collection and may - no: must! - finally earn Enchant their long deserved place in the sun. Buy it now!

Wolfgang Schäfer
9,5 points (out of 10)

Translated from German by Mike Barber