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Review of "Tug Of War" by ytsejam.com

Watch your back, Spockís Beard.

Enchant is going on tour with you this fall, and I think youíre going to have to work very hard to outdo the material from their latest release. "Tug of War" has it all - emotion-packed vocals, excellent keyboard work, heavy guitar riffs. I had trouble prying it out of my car stereo to do this review; itís been there since I received it 10 days ago.

The cover art isnít nearly as nice as yours, so I didnít spend much time on it. But once I took the CD out of that cardboard demo sleeve, I found myself listening to what is easily in the top 5 of albums I have heard this year, maybe even top 3. Every track flows beautifully. The lyrics tell stories that just about anyone whoís ever had contact with another human being can relate to.

And all the elements of classic prog are there - unmistakable vocals, screwy time signatures, signature organ accents, funky chord progressions. The kind of stuff that makes you remember that progressive rock is not a dying art form.

This is an outstanding album. If thereís a bad song on it, don't tell me because I'm feeling, well, euphoric about it.

Michele Hriciso
Score: 5/5